Denise Rawding

Educational Consultant

Denise Rawding, an educator for 26 years and a recipient of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching, currently serves as the K – 4 math coach at Roberto Clemente Elementary School in Newark, NJ. Denise works to help teachers build a deep understanding of mathematics using math tasks, learning stations, and discussion to empower students.

Denise has presented at numerous conferences, including conferences sponsored by the National Council of Mathematics and the math associations of New Jersey, New York, and New England. She works with the New Jersey Standards Advocates, providing professional development to teachers to help build a deeper understanding of the math they teach and develop instructional strategies to engage all students with high levels of mathematics.

Denise has a B.A. in elementary education, an M.A. in human services leadership, and an Ed. D. in educational leadership, all from the College of Saint Elizabeth. Her published dissertation is entitled, “Common Core Standards for Mathematics: How Well do the Textbook and Instructional Methods Align?” She is certified in pre-kindergarten through eighth grade elementary education.