Audience: Grades K-12 Teachers, Supervisors, Administrators

Length: Full Day Workshop


The purpose of this workshop is to guide and assist teachers, principals and district staff in efficiently and effectively initiating, implementing and institutionalizing RTI practices to improve student reading scores.

Many schools state they have an RTI program in place, but it’s not working. This workshop will help educators breakdown the barriers of what is not working, develop strategic processes and protocols to ensure RTI is working and decrease the number of students who are referred to special education.

Participants will learn:

  • How 95% of students at benchmark is achievable.
  • How to build “buy in” from all members of the school community
  • To create an assessment plan that reflects CBM’s, Diagnostic assessments, and progress monitoring tools
  • Diverse delivery models of teaching, and adding intervention blocks within a master schedule
  • The characteristics of effective intervention instruction, intervention materials and programs
  • How to initiate a problem-solving process through RTI, grade level and problem-solving meetings