Audience: Grades K-12 Teachers, Supervisors, Administrators

Length: Full Day Workshop


Participants will learn:

  • The purpose and framework of RTI and its components
  • The meaning and differences between the 4 Purposes of Assessment and resources for each of the 3 tiers. (Universal Screener, Progress Monitoring, Diagnostic and Summative)
  • Explore assessments for the purpose of an RTI implementation framework
  • How to create and conduct and audit for a solid core instructional program in ELA
  • How to identify, develop and implement tools and resources that will ensure all students are receiving the instruction they need at all tiers.
  • How to determine if a school is a “healthy” place for its students
  • How to use data in a problem-solving process (across Tiers 1,2, & 3 to determine appropriate instruction and intervention
  • How to create effective problem-solving teams who work collaboratively across the tiers
  • Engage in dialogue on the assessments necessary for a fool proof RTI Framework