Audience: K-12 teachers, supervisors and administrators

Length: Full Day Workshop


In this workshop, participants will gain knowledge of the most current, highly-rated, and authentic literature titles and topics in grades K-12. Participants will learn how to:

  • Use these texts to engage all learners
  • Support teachers in providing multi-modal formats in reading
  • Motivate reluctant readers
  • How authentic literature honors students’ voices and the choices they make in their reading lives
  • Have a discussion around how providing equity through authentic literature inspires students to create new contexts for learning to take place.


This workshop is based on using the most current and highly-rated K-12 authentic literature titles in order to focus on student equity, as well as multi-modal formats in reading, and ways to provide students with voice and choice in their reading.

A PowerPoint presentation with videos embedded will be utilized as well as selections of books that will give participants an opportunity to engage in discussion.