Audience: Grades K-12 Teachers, Supervisors, Administrators

Length: Full Day Workshop


This two-day session workshop will provide an understanding of the principles, protocols and processes of instructional rounds as developed by Dr. Richard Elmore and his team at Harvard University.

Instructional Rounds is a framework that provides opportunities for educators to identify strengths and weaknesses in their core instructional program across all content areas and grade levels through collaborative inquiry and reflection.  Teams of school leaders and teachers are encouraged to attend.

Participants will:

  • Understand the rationale, practice and purpose of Instructional Rounds and the benefits to teaching and learning
  • Identify a “problem of practice” to observe in your core instructional program
  • Understand the logistics and be able to implement an Instructional Rounds process in their school/district
  • Learn and discuss how to engage in collaborative inquiry and reflection through Instructional Rounds
  • Discern between specific evidence-based descriptions vs. judgmental general descriptions
  • Will be able to bring back resources, exemplars and strategies for implementing Instructional Rounds in their school/district.
  • Discuss the benefits of implementing Instructional Rounds to learn more about your core instructional program and how it provides valuable information for an RTI framework.