Audience: Grades K-5 and 6-12

Length: Half Day Workshop


Interactive read-alouds provides a place for students to understand how deep reading works. By modeling how to search for meaning, strategies for comprehension are taught and can be reinforced in guided and independent reading.  This workshop is geared toward teachers in grades K – 12.

The participant will be able to learn how to model the benefits of read aloud to:

  • Build vocabulary.
  • Develop understanding of story structure.
  • Support developing connections between print elements.
  • Encourage high levels of understanding.
  • Teach the reading process in a meaningful context.
  • Model fluency.
  • Motivate students to read.
  • Foster strategic listening.

A format of interactive read aloud will be modeled with participants. The workshop will be based on Linda Hoyt’s work on interactive read-alouds.

Content is based on the work of Linda Hoyt and Douglas Fisher.