Audience: Pre-K

Length: Full Day or Two-Day Workshop


This workshop is based on the extensive work at Teachers College Reading and Writing Workshop Project with a focus on Pre-K curriculum and instruction.

Participants will:

  • Learn how to weave literacy development into a student’s day including their play time
  • Understand how to utilize read-alouds to be the cornerstone of instruction
  • Explore how books can enrich block time, role-play and recess
  • Learn how to use shared reading to support the development of meaning, making, language skills, vocabulary and phonological awareness
  • Engage in the practical nuts and bolts of writing through drawing and oral storytelling as well as writing.
  • Be coached in concrete strategies and prompts that support the development of student talk, draw and write
  • Obtain practical advice on listening to children’s talk, their interactions with books and materials as to help plan for their future learning with intention and flexibility.

This is a full day workshop and can also be extended into a two-day workshop that provides time for teachers to develop lessons during the two days.