Audience:  Instructional Leaders

Length: Half or Full Day Workshop


Use the Standards for Mathematical Practice to inform district-level planning for curriculum, instruction, and assessment through strategic walkthroughs in any K-12 Math Class.  Develop a strategy for observing the level of student engagement, regardless of the course level or advanced mathematical content.  Are your students active mathematicians in math class?  Are your students using the Mathematical Practice Standards to access the content standards, such as explicitly justifying their solution strategies?

Participants will…

  • Explore the practice standards & understand their importance for exploring mathematical relationships.
  • Assess instruction based on the level of student engagement during their math class using a specially designed walk-through tool.
  • Align classroom observations with your district evaluation tool.
  • Use Google Forms as a walk-through tool to collect evidence which identify strengths, weaknesses, and gaps for program planning.