During the workshop teachers will gain a thorough understanding of Narrative writing in a workshop model using Teachers College as a resource and aligned to the revised NJ Student Learning Standards.

  • What are the expectations of NJ Student Learning Standards with regard to narrative writing?
  • How does narrative writing take shape in a writing workshop model?
  • How does 6+1 Traits of Writing align with a writing workshop model?
  • What are the components of a writing workshop mini-lesson?
  • How do student learning progressions move writing forward one student at a time?

Teachers will learn several protocols and strategies to highly engage their students in writing.

Teachers will learn how a writing workshop mini-lesson unfolds will have time to develop their own using a mentor text.

Teachers will learn how student learning progressions are a powerful differentiation tool as well as having students take ownership of their learning.

Content is based on the work of Carl Anderson’s Assessing Writers and How’s It Going? and Teachers College Reading and Writing Workshop Project.