Audience: Grades 6-12 Teachers and Supervisors

Length: Half or Full Day Workshop


The synergy between science and engineering is expressed in the Next Generation Science Standards’ explicit focus on Science and Engineering Practices.  Developing and using models has garnered particular attention, not because models are new to the science classroom, but because students developing, evaluating, and revising models in science investigations and engineering challenges is essential to their conceptual understanding of these disciplines.

Why is it important for educators to engage students in the modeling process, what do modeling practices look like in the classroom and how are educators expected to facilitate the practice?  Educators attending this engaging and interactive workshop will:

  • construct multiple types of models for different purposes
  • identify the limitations of a model and how it can be improved
  • determine when and where to use modeling for learning
  • locate online resources to actualize the integration of modeling

Please bring a laptop or tablet to this workshop.