Audience: Pre-K

Length: Half or Full Day Workshop


This workshop is designed to provide valuable information to teachers, teachers assistants and supervisors on researched and valid practices in a Pre-K program. This information will benefit supervisors to observe “look fors” in a Pre-K program

Participants will:

  • Understand brain development and its implications to early childhood learning
  • Examine the expectations for teachers in Pre-K and K based on the Danielson model specifically for the domains of Classroom Environment and Instruction
  • Learn a variety of assessment methods and reliable and valid criteria for Pre-K and K students
  • Explore several social skills curricula that support student learning and social and emotional development
  • Learn the importance of classroom space and time: environments and schedules
  • Understand how to frame questions to support student accountable talk
  • Learn curricula programs that are NAEYC endorsed
  • Engage in dialogue and activities as a means of sharing practices and experiences as Pre-K educators
  • Explore interactive media tools which support Pre-K learning.

This is typically a full day workshop. As a ½ day workshop, there will be less focus and engagement in each of the learning outcomes or will have same degree of focus of a full day workshop with less learning outcomes.