Audience: Grades K-8

Length: Full Day Workshop


The reader’s workshop advocates a fundamental framework; we should think of students as writers who read and compose daily. This model encourages flexibility and differentiation in product, processes, content, and environment.

Conferring with students is the vehicle for differentiation.  Studying mentor texts together, playing and practicing with language, sharing and discussing, and revising are the components of a viable writing program. Teachers are coaching students with praise, encouragement and formative feedback.

Participants will learn:

  • The architecture of a mini-lesson
  • How to develop literacy block that reflects, reading, phonics, spelling and vocab instruction
  • How to create a reading workshop environment
  • Strategies to use during mini-lessons
  • The purpose and uses for a reader’s notebook
  • Creating a Guided Reading block within your literacy block
  • How to facilitate a guided/strategy reading lesson
  • How to model a think- aloud strategy using a mentor text
  • How to utilize a mentor text to teach reading skills and comprehension strategies