Audience: Grades 4-12

Length: Half or Full Day Workshop


Note: Adding Ready! Set! Argue! “Convincingly”: A Day of Argumentative Writing will make this a full day workshop.

Teachers will:

  • Brainstorm the purpose of argument/oral debate.
  • Review strategies of close reading to support an oral debate.
  • Read a passage and seek out important information that the author uses to support a claim for an oral debate.
  • Develop debate techniques to introduce an argument orally.
  • Identify powerful conclusions for an oral debate.
  • Practice and engage in an oral debate.
  • Learn methods of coaching into partner talk during debate.
  • Learn how to use the oral debate contents to transition into writing an opinion essay.
  • View organizers and other resources that will be helpful for argumentative discourse.

Please bring language arts data with you. This can be either a universal screening, diagnostic, and/or progress monitoring data. For example: IReady, STAR Early Literacy, STAR Reading, NWEA, Aimsweb and et al…

The content of this work is based on Mary Ehrenworth’s work at Teachers College at Columbia University on Argumentative Writing and Oral Debate.