Audience: Grades K-8

Length: Full Day Workshop


Morning Session: Integrating ELA in Your Science Lessons
Integrating science/engineering content and ELA literacy capacities (reading, writing, speaking, listening and language) will support and enhance teaching and learning in your elementary or science classroom.  During the morning session of this interactive and engaging workshop, educators will:

  • acquire a repertoire of literacy-based activities such as: Word Splashes, Sort Cards, Relay Summaries, Paired Verbal Fluency, meta-cognitive conversation/writing, and news/article critiques
  • identify ways to  implement and modify the activities for diverse learners

Afternoon Session: Web Resources to Take Your NGSS Implementation to a Higher Level
Time is a precious commodity for educators.  Little time exists during the busy school day or at home to spend hours online searching for teaching and learning resources.  This workshop provides that time!  During the afternoon session of this interactive and engaging workshop, educators will:

  • explore the best web sites for STEM lesson plans, activities, projects and videos
  • select resources that are grade-level and student population appropriate
  • share ideas for planning, integrating and implementing

Please bring a laptop or tablet to this workshop.